One Year Guarantee of Health

Buyer has had a chance to view an advanced copy of this guarantee online before deciding to purchase a
puppy and Buyer agrees to the terms and guarantees simply by the act of accepting the puppy, even if contract
is not signed by Buyer.

The Pet Stork guarantees the puppy to be healthy at the time of delivery.  This puppy is guaranteed to be free
of transmittable disease, current on its DHPP vaccinations,  to have passed a veterinarian’s examination, and to
have been dewormed.  

Buyer has 72 hours to take your new puppy to your preferred veterinarian for a checkup & fecal examination to
verify the health of the puppy.  This is necessary to ensure the puppy was not sick at the time of delivery.  
NULL AND VOID.  The Pet Stork is not responsible for veterinary bills or medication cost.

Buyer understands the puppy will need boosters of the initial vaccination.  The puppy will not be fully vaccinated
until all vaccines have been received.  It is recommended the buyer not expose their new puppy to public places
until the puppy series of vaccinations is complete.

- Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is not guaranteed.  This is common in all breeds of small dogs.  All necessary
information is provided to the new owner and this becomes their responsibility.  Hypoglycemia can be life
threatening so breeder strongly recommends this information be reviewed.

- Luxating Patellas (knee caps) must be diagnosed during the initial veterinary examination and reported to the
breeder within 72 hours of arrival.  Due to the many factors that can affect the condition, The Pet Stork cannot
be responsible for luxating patellas that are not evident at the time of arrival or initial vet exam.
- Ear mites and ear infection - Every effort will be made to ensure that no ear mites or ear infection are present
in the new puppy.  Due to the life stages of these host, I cannot guarantee there will never be any present in the

- Heart Murmurs should be diagnosed during the initial veterinary examination and reported to the breeder within
72 hours of arrival.  Any heart murmur diagnosed after the initial examination must effect daily life and require
medication to qualify.

- Worms and parasites - Every effort will be made to ensure that no parasites or worms are present in your new
puppy.  Due to the life stages of these hosts, I cannot guarantee there will never be any present in the puppy.  
These host can include worms, coccidia, and giardia.  These can be brought on due to the move, stress,
change of diet,  or not eating properly.  These conditions are treatable and are not covered under this

- Legg-Perthes is normally diagnosed around 10 months of age.  If the dog is diagnosed with Legg- Perthes and
surgery is required a biopsy must be performed on the femoral head to determine for a fact that it is Legg-
Perthes and not an injury.  

- Congenital Defects - If the puppy is diagnosed as having a serious congenital defect within one year of this
puppies date of birth by a licensed veterinarian, buyer may return the puppy for a replacement of similar value.  
The Pet Stork must receive a clearly written or typed note from buyer’s veterinarian (on the veterinarian’s
letterhead stationary) detailing the nature of the defect indicating that is indeed a congenital defect (as opposed
to an injury or developmental issue) and the cost of corrective surgery to be reviewed by seller’s veterinarian.  
This information must be received within three business days of diagnosis to qualify for puppy return/exchange.  

- Shipping Agreement - Delivery costs are not covered by any warranties and these fees are neither refundable
nor negotiable.  The buyer is 100% responsible for any transportation costs to and from the seller.

- Returns - The Pet Stork will not accept any returns of the pet due to, but not limited to: allergy,
Landlord/Tenant, marital or adjustment problems.

- Euthanasia is NOT acceptable under any circumstance without written consent from The Pet Stork.  Doing so
will negate any obligation breeder may have to compensate buyer.

- Death of a puppy - In the event of the death of a puppy, an autopsy must be performed by the state laboratory
or University and the results sent to the breeder within 30 days.  A full necropsy along with a full blood toxicology
report will be required to determine the if the breeder is responsible.  A veterinarian autopsy is not acceptable.

- Puppy Credit - When a puppy credit is issued, buyer has the option to claim his/her new puppy anytime with 12
In all cases, breeder retains the right to a second opinion by a veterinarian of her choice.  The Pet Stork must
be provided with the name and phone number of the buyer’s current veterinarian.

If a puppy is found to have a health problem at it’s initial veterinary visit and the purchaser decides to treat the
puppy prior to notifying seller, The Pet Stork will not be responsible for any expenses incurred or for the death of
the puppy.  No refunds or replacements will be made.  

The value of the pet for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price and does not include
any additional prices declared by the buyer such as the value as a show dog, veterinary bills, shipping costs,
vaccinations applied, dog accessories, etc.

No surgery can be performed without consulting the breeder.  If this should occur, no compensation will be made.

Although we do our best to provide you with an accurate estimate, seller cannot in any way guarantee size,
personality, temperament, color, ear set, breeding ability, coat type, or show ability.

This guarantee is non-transferable.  The guarantee does not cover neglect, abuse, lost or stolen pets.

This agreement represents the total agreement between Suzanne Blackwell d/b/a The Pet Stork and the buyer
and no other terms or conditions shall be valid to this sale.

By placing an order, the buyer agrees to these terms and conditions.